As consumers, we expect to receive information tailored to your needs (eg newsletters) and the helpline want the consultant currently have access to your account and see our last order. Changing customer expectations force companies to use at once more sophisticated IT tools in customer service.keep the gears

A few years ago, advanced technological solutions to support customer service was expensive and reserved for large companies. The development of technology and reduce its cost, availability, CRM, call center applications, systems, email marketing and social media monitoring SaaS (software as a service) make advanced tools available, even for small companies. Currently, even micro can build a small internal contact centers, send professional newsletters and conduct basic CRM system for customer relationship management. The barrier of entry into technology-enhanced service models is very minimized the financial side. Availability of technology is so widespread that the only thing missing is the concept of companies on how to use this technology and make your asset in the fight for attention, wallets and customer loyalty. Thus, the key issue to achieve a competitive advantage in terms of customer service is an idea to stand out in the market, and this is often due to the knowledge and involvement of employees in the company’s development.

Generation Y enters the market, NOTHING THAT IS NO LONGER BE SUCH AS EVER

Generation Y, or born in the years 1980-1995 are now 20-30 years old. This group is for both the company’s customers, consumers, as well as work or start working in companies in customer service departments. Many features are characteristic of this type of customer: they are extremely proficient with computers and electronic devices, they spend a lot of time on-line, they have the confidence to shop and on-line communication, awaiting response to every question the best in real time, focus on one case quite short, handled by her and can quickly forget about it, appreciate the high quality and are willing to pay more for it, they take recommendations from their friends through the media and distant communities brazen approach, traditional advertising, they are confident and expect perfect service .
A weakness of the Gen Y is the economic instability in the European labor market, and thus are not always members of this generation have the means to purchase the necessary products and services. In practice this means for suppliers that Gen Y will carefully choose the suppliers, but also as a seller we can not forget about the expectations and requirements of the older generation of consumers.
Client of Gen Y can obtain only through excellent service, real-time communication and very good quality of our products.

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